Lundgren's is Jumping Up and Down for the New Ford Escape

Eveleth should be explored, and what better way to do that than with the popular Ford Escape. This compact SUV has all the space, power, and cargo you need, but it is also small enough to be compact, which is vital for city living. The following are two amenities that make the new Ford Escape worthwhile.

Heated Wheel

The heated steering wheel is a great amenity. All you have to do is turn it on, and you get to drive with warm hands during those cold days. The feature shows you that Ford really does care about its customers.


The panoramic VistaRoof allows everyone in your vehicle to enjoy natural sunlight. This is great for people for all sorts of reasons, like making sure everyone gets enough vitamin D for the day, and it is also good because it helps you see a little more clearly.

These are just some features we'd like you to experience. We want to show you much more, and we really hope you give us a chance by taking the Ford Escape out for a test drive.



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