Exploring Ford's Lineup of Capable Vehicles

Ford is one of the largest automotive manufacturers on the market, and with this immense size, it can create an incredibly diverse lineup of vehicles. Ford aims to create a vehicle for just about every kind of person. Ford also wants its vehicles to be the most capable vehicles when you compare them to the competition.

One of Ford's most popular vehicles is the Fusion mid-size sedan, and it shows how versatile Ford's vehicles are. The Fusion comes equipped with tons of technology and safety features that will make your commute around Eveleth a breeze. The Fusion can be had as either a gas-powered vehicle, a hybrid, or a plug-in hybrid depending on which style fits your needs the best.

The next vehicle in Ford's lineup is the Escape small SUV. The Escape is the perfect blend of a practical daily driver, with some power when you want to have fun. The Escape has a modern and smooth design that telegraphs Ford's future design language perfectly. When you enter the cabin of the Escape, you are greeted by a technology-rich interior with intuitive controls. The Escape even uses a hybrid drivetrain to provide you with a sporty experience without sacrificing its daily efficiency.

The Edge is Ford's sporty SUV, and it is full of features that will add excitement to your daily routine. The standard Edge has plenty of power for most situations you will come across on your commute. Ford offers the Edge ST for those of us that want the absolute most performance out of our daily driver. The Edge ST gets an overall more aggressive look and tons of power. It is hard not to have an absolute blast when you get behind the wheel of the Edge ST.

Trucks have been at the center of Ford's lineup for generations, and the latest models are pushing the boundaries of what everyone expects a truck to do. One vehicle that shows off this flexibility is the Ford Ranger. The Ranger is a mid-size pickup truck that gives you a great balance of daily usefulness and performance. Our team at Lundgren Motors Inc can help you customize a Ranger to be optimized for your particular line of work. The Ranger has enough power to tow most standard trailers, and it has enough practicality to get you crew and equipment when you need them to be. All of these capable features are wrapped up into a comfortable package that is full of the latest technology.

The Ranger is a great overall truck, but if you need more performance Ford has many options to satiate your needs. Ford's most popular option is the legendary F-150 pickup. The F-150 is the go-to truck if you need to do a wide variety of tasks. It has enough power for just about every towing application, and it has an immense payload capacity. The F-150 can be used to take your family or crew on a trip across Hibbing and Virginia, MN, or it could be used to get your equipment from work site to work site. No matter what you plan on doing with the F-150, it is up for the challenge.

There are very few trailers that the F-150 cannot tow, but if you find yourself needing even more power, the F-250 has your back. The F-250 is a heavy-duty truck with tons of hauling capabilities and great payload capacity. The F-250 can be purpose-built to take on any work you may need to do, and it can be customized easily to be able to further optimize your daily routine.

You can stop by our showroom in Eveleth to get more information about our new featured models. Once you find a vehicle that you are interested in, we recommend taking it out for a spin so you can see how capable it is. We think you will enjoy the performance Ford packs under the hood of its vehicles. Contact us or stop by our finance center to learn more as well.